Tramdriver Championships

If it`s true that nobody can resist an idea whose time has come, then the competition of the best European tram drivers will be one of the highlights of public life in the larger European cities.

Coming together here is what our company stands for in the very best sense: European competition, environmental sensitivity, and technical innovation.

In fact it has developed at increasing speed from a single successful event to become an international tradition: Once a year the best tram drivers of the continent come together to find out who`s best.

TRAM-EM is teamwork

An event like the TRAM-EM is not possible without partners. Companies from industry and the service sector, radio and television producers and of course the Leipzig public transport company itself are helping to make our championship on May 21, 2022 in Leipzig a reality. We would like to thank all our partners and sponsors for this.

Program TRAM-EM2022 Leipzig

After a 3-year Corona break, the 9th TRAM-EM will take place on May 21, 2022 on Augustusplatz, in the heart of Leipzig.


10.00 Opening ceremony with team presentation
11.00 1st competition run
13.00 Music and information programme
14.00 2nd competition run
17.00 award ceremony
17.30 Music and information programme
18:30 Concert with group Karusell
20.00 end

The competitions are part of a large family celebration under the motto “Diversity”. International catering, live music, information stands, training exchange, move parcour, children’s entertainment and much more.

Admission is free in compliance with the current Corona rules.

Logo TRAM-EM2022 Leipzig

The countdown is running. Seven more weeks until the 9th TRAM-EM in Leipzig. The preparations are already in full swing.

Today we’d like to present you the logo of this year’s championship. Blue and yellow the colors of the city Leipzig are dominated, plus the silhouette with the most famous buildings makes it unique. And in the center, quite clearly: the tram.

The tram has been rolling through the trade fair city for 150 years. We’d like to celebrate this with you! Let’s do it … on May 21, 2022 at the Augustusplatz in Leipzig, with you and many friends from all over the world.

Cancelation TRAM-EM2020/21

Dear TRAM-EM partner

The corona pandemic still have a firm grip on the world. A return to normal life does not seem to be in sight before end of the year.

Unfortunately, we are therefore forced to cancel the championship 2020/21 in Oradea, Romania.

The next scheduled TRAM-EM will take place on May 21, 2022 in Leipzig, Germany. Please save the date. We will inform you as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to a reunion,

Please stay healthy and optimistic!


Postponement TRAM-EM2020

Dear TRAM-EM fans,
Our survey among the participants of the TRAM-EM has showed that a majority of them welcome a postponement once again. In coordination with the host OTL, the public transport authority of Oradea, we have decided to postpone the championship to June 5, 2021.  We would like to invite you warmly to this special event.
We thank you very much for your flexibility and fidelity, and we are looking forward to seeing you all in June 2021 in Oradea.
Please stay healthy!

Displacement TRAM-EM2020

Now the TRAM-EM is hit as well… unfortunately, we have to inform you that this year’s championship TRAM-EM can’t take place like announced on May 9, 2020. The current development around the Corona pandemic forces us to this step. If participants can’t travel because borders are closed and flights are cancelled, an international festival like TRAM-EM makes no sense.
The good news! We could arrange a new date for the event in cooperation with the host OTL, the public transport authority Oradea.
On September 26, 2020 we will organize the 9th European Tramdriver Championship. We are looking forward to seeing you in Oradea.
Stay healthy!

TRAM-EM History

Top10 Teams 2019-2012

2019 Brussels

Brussels, Moscow, Oradea, Luxembourg, Rotterdam, Vienna, Manchester, Malaga, Porto, Prague

2018 Stuttgart

Stockholm, Frankfurt, Bergen, Dresden, Gothenburg, Brussels, Moscow, Rotterdam, Helsinki, Budapest

2017 Tenerife

Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Bergen , Stockholm, Budapest, Vienna, Parla, Dresden, Dublin

2016 Berlin

Budapest, Leipzig, Lyon, Tenerife, Bergen, Brussels, Rotterdam, Krakow, Stockholm, Paris

2015 Vienna

Rotterdam, Vienna, Ostrava, Graz, Helsinki, Krakow, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Oradea, Parla

2014 Barcelona

Parla, Rotterdam, Madrid, Lyon, Tenerife, Budapest, Barcelona, Dresden, Berlin, Oradea

2013 Budapest

Paris, Budapest, Debrecen, Barcelona, Oradea, Manchester, Leipzig, Berlin, Szeged, Dresden

2012 Dresden

Budapest, Dresden, Brussels, Berlin, Stuttgart, Lyon, Vienna, Krakow, Rotterdam, Paris, Munich

Start for the 8th European Tram Championship!

What an exciting Friday morning: At their first meeting, 50 lucky and excited drivers eagerly await the welcoming speech. Afterwards each team presents itself with a video and a big hello. The most important question every year is: Which disciplines have to be mastered? The 2019 disciplines are: Acceleration of the tram to 30 km/h with subsequent precision braking, estimation of the lateral distance in a curve, precise stop with door 2 on the way back, a drive-over test in which the driver has to come to a precise stop with the front, and finally tram bowling. Now it is time to find out how the local vehicles work: The training drives at the STIB depot can begin!


TRAM-EM is as colorful as never before

Boarding completed! 25 teams from 21 nations participate in the 8thTRAM-EM – more nations than  ever before. We are looking forward to welcoming teams from Barcelona, Basel, Bergen, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Dresden, Dublin, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Istanbul, Krakow, Luxembourg, Milan, Malaga, Manchester, Moscow, Oradea, Paris, Porto, Prague, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Stuttgart, and Vienna.


TRAM-EM hotel recommendations

The following hotels are happy to welcome fans of the 8thTRAM-EM:

Hotel Ibis Brussels City Centre
Rue Joseph Plateau 2
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: +32 2 6200426

Novotel Brussels City Centre
Rue de la vièrge noire 32
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: +32 2 6200428

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels
Rue du Fossé aux Loups 47
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: +32 2 219 28 28

Thon Hotel EU
Rue de la Loi 75
1040 Bruxelles
Tel. +32 2 204 39 11

The program of the 8th TRAM-EM

Date: May 4, 2019

Location: Rue Royale/Koningsstraat next to the Parc de Bruxelles

09.30 – Live presentation of the competition disciplines

10.00 – Opening ceremony of the 8thTRAM-EM with presentation of the teams

11.00 – First competition run

13.00 – Lunch break with live music

14.00 – Second competition run

17.00 – Award ceremony and closing ceremony

… and family entertainment all day long, with tram presentation, kids area, and many more more.

We are looking forward to welcoming a lot of fans and spectators. The entry is free!

18-2917-LogoTramEM_Brussels2019_HR_1 (1)

What a day!

In an exciting ceremony the TRAM-EM family celebrates its champions together with a lot of spectators. Congratulations to the best team, the best male and female driver again. All participants are winners! In this sense, Wolfgang Arnold, spokesman of the SSB, hands over the baton to Marc Coudyser and Roland De Coster, representatives of the STIB Brussels. There will take place the 8th TRAM-EM on May 4th, 2019.

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Start for the 7th European TramDriver Championship!

What an amazing friday morning: 50 happy and nervous drivers follow the welcome speech of Dr. Sabine Groner-Weber. She presents the South German company and the program of our 7th TRAM-EM. Afterwards each team presents itself with a smart video and a big Hello in the common round. The big question every year: What are the disciplines about? The lessons 2018 are: Schwip-Schwap-barrier, speed up the tram to 25 km / h with a subsequent target brake, lateral distance in the curve area, on the way back the exact stop with one door, an overrun test where the driver has to stop with the back front on an dartboard, and finally tram bowling. Now it’s time to find out how the local vehicles work. The training lessons on the SSB depot can start!

31870479_1680195608767711_93153584337649664_o 31886569_1680195342101071_5972767725829750784_o 31901993_1680195312101074_7375443386880229376_o 31913894_1680195618767710_7795284325624184832_o 31914094_1680195318767740_2986144216624660480_o 31919385_1680195358767736_3869025218773123072_o 31944512_1680195282101077_2774869277776281600_o

150 years SSB

Happy Birthday – the Stuttgart tram celebrates its 150th birthday!
Since 1868 the company brings their passengers in the capital city of Baden-Württemberg from A to B. So the public transport company from Stuttgart is the third-oldest in Germany. From April the city celebrates this with a “Busmuseum”: it is an oldtimer bus where the companies history is presented. There are also organized city walks to historic places of the SSB and some new exhibitions in the tram museum. The highlight is the 7th European Tram Driver Championship on the 5th of May at the SSB depot at Schockenriedstrasse 50, in 70565 Stuttgart. From 10:00 am 25 teams from 19 countries want to know who is the best on the rails. We are looking forward to greeting many visitors and will lovely invite you to experience this event.

TRAM-EM connects!

So different these four cities are, they have one thing in common: They all prepare for the TRAM-EM with disciplines nearly similiar to a real championship and choose their team. Everyone likes to travel to Stuttgart on the 4th of May as well prepared as possible whether in Dresden, Stockholm, Gothenburg or Rotterdam. Driving the tram up to special speed with a covered speedometer,, driving the tram towards an obstacle as near as possible or putting an dummy on the road and driving as near as possible: Your disciplines are really at a championship level.









TRAM-EM Hotel recommendation

The following hotels are looking forward to welcoming the fans of the 7th TRAM-EM in Stuttgart:

Pullman Stuttgart Fontana (4 Sterne)
single room incl. breakfast 120,00 € / double room incl. breakfast 144,00 €
Vollmoellerstraße 5
70563 Stuttgart
contact: phone +49 711/7300 or

Neotel (4 Sterne)
single room incl. breakfast 106,00 € / double room incl. breakfast 134,00 €
Vaihingerstraße 151
70567 Stuttgart
bus stops: SSB-Zentrum or Vaihinger Straße
contact: phone +49 711/78140 or

arcona MO.Hotel (4 Sterne)
single room 97,00 € / double room 97,00 €
Hauptstraße 26
70563 Stuttgart
bus stops: Schwabengalerie (Bus) or Vaihingen Schillerplatz (Bus und Bahn)
contact: phone +49 711/280560 or

Hotel Gloria (3 Sterne)
single room 99,00 € / double room 139,00 €
Sigmaringer Straße 59
70567 Stuttgart
bus stop: Sigmaringer Straße
contact: phone +49 711/71850 or

Congratulations to PARIS!

In an exciting finale the team Corinne Leroy and Karim Annouche from Paris secured the title “TRAMDRIVER-CHAMPION 2017”. There follows Berlin on the 2nd place and Frankfurt on the 3rd place! Franka Sonntag from Berlin won the title “Europeans Best Female Driver” followed by Zsuzsanna Ledniczki from Budapest and Alexandra Engeseth from Bergen. The best European male driver is Karim Annouche from Paris followed by Thilo Korbien from Frankfurt and Christoph Engelmann from Zurich. We sincerely congratulate all teams on an amazing championship!

Start for the 6th European TramDriver Championship!

What an atmosphere it was this morning: 46 happy and excited drivers follow the welcome speech of Andrès Munoz de Dios, Managing Director of Metrotenerife. He presents his company and the schedule of the three day event. Afterwards each team presented themselves with a smart video and a big Hello in the common round. And finally: the disclosure of the championship disciplines was very much expected as every year.

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Happy Birthday, Metrotenerife!

On 2001 the Island Government of Tenerife constituted Metrotenerife that was originally founded to launch an alternative means of transport in the form of railway lines on the island of Tenerife. Tenerife tramway Line 1 was opened on 2 June 2007 and two years later Line 2. Since the beginning of Metrotenerife they has transported more than 132 million passengers. In a few weeks Santa Cruz will live a great celebration, the 10th Anniversary of the Tenerife Tram. Metrotenerife is working on a full program of recreational activities with live music performances, presents for the tram users; as well as a Post-Office Tram with material of the 10th anniversary and a philatelic exhibition about trams and public transports history. The main event will be the European Tramdriver Championship on the 4th of June. During this international championship, Metrotenerife has planned more activities such as painting and balloon sculpture workshop for children, live music performances in Plaza de Europa, a bouncy tram of 15 meter, etc. We are really looking forward to celebrate the 10th birthday of Metrotenerife together with the 6th European TramDriver Championship


The schedule of the 6th TRAM-EM

Tramdriving under palms…
The waiting has an end: We really enjoy to present you the latest program of the 6th TRAM-EM at Tenerife. The event will take place at the depot of Metropolitano de Tenerife, Ctra. Gral. La Cuesta-Taco, 124 in 38108 La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. We are looking forward to greeting you on beautiful island!



The TRAM-EM online

For those unable to attend the competition in Berlin personally we will provide the event, with 12 cameras from 10AM to 6PM, on our website

The TRAM-EM will be also shown on the TV channel RBB via cable and satellite. Turn on April 23 on 6:30 PM!

New record number of participants at the TRAM-EM Berlin

27 teams from 17 European nations will participate on April 23 to determine the rail driving champion.
Registered are: Barcelona, Bergen, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Dresden, Florence, Frankfurt/Main, Helsinki, Krakow, Leipzig, Lyon, Madrid, Oradea, Ostrava, Paris, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Tenerife, and Vienna. We are especially pleased to welcome new participants from Birmingham, Gothenburg, Innsbruck, Porto, Prague, and Zurich.
The first fan buses have also been announced, for example from Dresden, Vienna, Budapest, and Zurich.

The program of TRAM-EM 2016

April 23, 2016 at the BVG depot Siegfriedstraße 30-45, 10365 Berlin

10:00 AM Opening ceremony of the 5th TRAM-EM European Tramdriver Championship

– Video opener
– Venterra presents EM-song “All for gold”
– Welcome speech Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta (Chairman of the BVG) and Andreas Geisel (Senator for Urban Development and the Environment)
– Team presentation
– Official opening

10:45 AM First race of the 5th TRAM-EM

01:00 PM Venterra live

01:30 PM Second race of the 5th TRAM-EM

03:45 PM Venterra live

04:30 PM The Berlin TRAM-Bowling Cup (the best eight teams in a tournament)

05:00 PM award ceremony (best driver, best team, Berlin Tram-Bowling champ)

05:15 PM Baton handover ceremony for the 6th TRAM-EM in Tenerife 2017

05:20 PM Party with 88.8

07:30 PM End of the event

Meet tramdrivers from 27 European cities and discover your favorites in the drivers camp. For children a playarea is available. Information of the latest career opportunities from BVG will be available. A food and beverages will also be provided.

The entry is free.

The disciplines are definite!

Finally the disciplines for the 5th TRAM-EM on 23rd April 2016 in Berlin are definite.

With the collaboration of the Berlin transport service authority BVG we have intensively discussed the tasks and finally determined 5 competitive disciplines. Fun and excitement are guaranteed on a 150 meters long course with 3 rails and 2 different tram types.

There will be a points and time measurement for 4 disciplines. The popular TRAM-Bowling should also not be missing on that special day. Which challenges the drivers will have to pass exactly we will let you know on 22nd April 2016 😉
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This is how the 5th TRAM-EM looks like!

What is yellow, related to a tram and includes the “Berlin Bear”? – Right, the new official logo of the TRAM-EM 2016. Because the 5th TRAM-EM takes place in the metropolis Berlin this year. And that you don´t miss the championship, the Berlin transport service authority BVG will soon start an extensive poster campaign within the Berlin cityscape. Therefore keep your eyes open and save the date – The big day is on April 23, 2016 in the depot Lichtenberg!

As always we are interested in your opinion. How do you like the Logo?

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Save the date!

The 5th European Tramdriver Championship will take place in Berlin from April 22nd – April 24th, 2016. The highlight will be the public competitions on April 23rd, 2016. Twentyfive teams from sixteen nations want to know who masters the course, the material and the nerves as the best? New in 2016: For the first time we will have rankings for woman, men, and teams.

The effect is: more champions, more action, more fun. Via video live transmission from the cockpit to the LED-screen the spectators can be part of it when it applies for the drivers to find the perfect stop or to assess the right lateral distance during a curve-drive. Continue reading

The countdown is on

The preparations for the 4th European Tramdiver Championship in Vienna are in full swing.

The following teams will be part of the competitions: title defender Parla (Madrid), hosting team Vienna, team Barcelona, Bergen, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest (winner 2012), Dresden, Firenze, Graz, Helsinki, Krakow, Leipzig, Lyon, Manchester, Norrköping, Oradea, Ostrava,  Paris (winner 2013), Rotterdam, Stockholm, Stuttgart and Tenerife.

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Congratulations, Parla!

Parla is the European Tramdriver Champion 2014! The Spanish team located near Madrid prevailed against Rotterdam (3230 points) and Madrid (3040 points) with 3970 points. It was followed by Lyon, Teneriffa, Budapest, Barcelona, Dresden, Berlin, and Oredea. In total, seventeen teams from eight countries attended the competitions in Barcelona. One more time it has been confirmed: the home team never wins on their own rails! Continue reading