TRAM-EM 2020 Oradea

The 9th official European Tramdriver Championship will take place on May 9, 2020 in Oradea, Romania. The following travel information are for everybody who would like to experience the competitions very closely.

Oradea is located 300 km in the East of Budapest, close the Hungarian-Romanian border. The arrival is possible by car, train, or via the airports Oradea, Cluj, Debrechen or Budapest.

It will be organized a shuttle service from the airport Budapest to Oradea, duration aprox. 3h. A prior registration is highly recommented. You can registrate for the shuttle service from now til May 1, 2020 via email to

The one way ticket is 35€ per person for fans and family members of the teams. Teams and coaches travel free of course.

These hotels are looking forward to welcome guests of the TRAM-EM2020.

Hotel Ramada 4 Sterne EZ 60€ DZ 75€
Hotel Maxim 4 Sterne EZ 60€ DZ 75€
Hotel Impero 3 Sterne EZ 35€ DZ 42€
Hotel Sky 3 Sterne EZ 40€ DZ 45€
Hotel Perla Wellness&Spa 3 Sterne EZ 45 € DZ 55€
Hotel Termal 3Sterne EZ 61 € DZ 89€
Hotel President 4 Sterne EZ 50€ DZ 60€

Hotel Astoria 4 Sterne EZ 45€ DZ 55€
Hotel Anthimos 4 Sterne EZ 36€ DZ45€
Hotel International 4 Sterne EZ 91€ DZ 105€
Hotel Nevis Wellness&Spa 4 Sterne EZ 60€ DZ 82€

Hotel DubleTree by Hilton 4 Sterne EZ 65€ DZ 70€
Hotel Continental Forum 4 Sterne EZ 50€ 55€
Hotel Gala 3 Sterne EZ 67€ DZ 75€
Hotel Lotus Therm SPA &Luxury Resort 5 Sterne EZ 122€ DZ 179€

The competitions will take place from 10AM to 5PM on the place in front of the town hall (Piata Unirii).

We are looking forward to seeing you all again in Oradea.