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Press Release

European’s best Tramdrivers 2019 come from Brussels!

On 4 May 2019, tram drivers from all over Europe celebrated the 8th European Championship in Brussels with a record number of 25 teams from 21 European countries.

The different disciplines were about teamwork, skill, speed and of course a bit of luck. The competition was based on the daily challenges of the tram pilots. For example, when estimating the lateral distance, the aim was to correctly assess obstacles such as parked cars in order to ensure an accident-free crossing with the tram. Further disciplines: speed estimation with covered speedometer, target braking, exact stop with door 2 and the popular tram bowling. Each participating transport company provided a team of a male driver and a female driver to master the challenges.

The most successful drivers were from Brussels, followed by the teams from Moscow and Oradea. The best female drivers are Laurence Meert of Brussels, followed by Linda Brandon of Rotterdam and Nikol Pradova of Moscow. Best driver was Tiago Ferreira from Luxembourg, followed by Anton Medvedev from Moscow and Mesut Tascaran from Brussels.

Thousand visitors celebrate in Brussels and more than 50.000 spectators followed the TramDriver championship live in the internet.
We are looking forward to the championship next year and to welcome many participants once again!

Brussels 3530
Moscow 3200
Oradea 3100
Luxembourg 3000
Rotterdam 2990
Vienna 2680
Manchester 2650
Malaga 2630
Prague 2550
Porto 2550
Istanbul 2520
Krakow 2480
Barcelona 2350
Budapest 2320
Gothenburg 2180
Helsinki 2170
Stuttgart 2010
Milan 1950
Berlin 1500
Dublin 1420
Paris 1410
Bergen 1400
Basel 1340
Dresden 1300
Stockholm 1200