The best European Tramdrivers are from Holland

In a thrilling finale Orlando Cairo and Will Breur from Rotterdam leads for 22 other teams. On the second place follow Nicole Vanek and Markus Fiedler from Vienna, and the third place Renáta Burdíková and Roman Děcký from Ostrava. All further placements we have to edit in a graphic.


The excellent performance of the Netherlands is not a surprise. After the second place in Barcelona and place 13 in Budapest they showed that a daily training and an intern drivers-preliminary round at RET pay out. Luck and strong nerves at the right moment are important as well. After the first run on place three behind Graz and Ostrava the Oranges drives in the top step with 4550 points.

Remarkable also, the young team from Vienna. After the first run on place eight they push their self with a perfect second run on the runner-up spot.


Over 15thousand visitors followed the competitions very close on April 25, 2015 at the new Hauptwerkstätte of the Wiener Linien. Over 1000 viewers watched the championships online live. The recording of the whole event is available here:

We thank you, on behalf of all 23 teams, at the Wiener Linien for a perfect organization and production of the 4th European tramdriver championship.


The CEO of the Wiener Linien Eduard Winter submits the baton officially to the director of the Berlin-trams Klaus-Dietrich Matschke. From today is the motto, take drive for the 5th European tramdriver championship in April 2016 in Berlin.

The official TRAM-EM-Video:

The Teams: