Start for the 6th European TramDriver Championship!

What an atmosphere it was this morning: 46 happy and excited drivers follow the welcome speech of Andrès Munoz de Dios, Managing Director of Metrotenerife. He presents his company and the schedule of the three day event. Afterwards each team presented themselves with a smart video and a big Hello in the common round. And finally: the disclosure of the championship disciplines was very much expected as every year.

The disciplines are: Speeding up the tram 30km / h with a subsequent target brake, keeping the right lateral distance in the curve area, stopping the tram with the middle of door 4 at the measurement field on the way back, dooing an overrun test where the driver has to stop with the back front on a dartboard, and finally tram bowling. Now it’s time to find out how the local vehicles work: First on the depot and later in the line operations – Tram driving under palm trees. What a day!

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